The 7 Worst Ways To Brand Yourself

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Personal branding is never easy. Although the overall goal is to differentiate oneself, it still needs to be done in a way that makes your brand truthful, authentic and relevant. At the end of the day, the most important thing is for your personal brand to be right and in sight at the same time.

The last thing you want is to come across as overly self-promotional. You want to position yourself as a leader in your line of work. At the same time, you want to do it in the right way and target the right people. There are a lot of dos and definitely, a lot of don’ts.

Here are seven worst ways to brand yourself:

(1) Presenting yourself as overly perfect

It is not bad thing to want to be the best and aim for the stars. But if you set standards that are too harsh, your self-esteem could be affected if you don’t match those standards. People can always red through your front especially when you look as if you are posturing. Sometimes too perfect can be interpreted as not perfect enough.

(2) Being too superficial

The substance is more important than the look. When you focus too much on appearances, you end up not showing your “deeper” side. Having an online presence is not all about superficiality. In fact, all superficiality does is to fuel your obsession with yourself. Your physical appearance is not the greatest indicator of your innermost character.

(3) Calling yourself a “guru” or “pioneer”

Some descriptions about you are better said by other people than yourself. When you use big words to describe yourself, you end up turning off potential employers or clients. If your own peers cannot believe you, how can other people believe you? Strive to make people want to meet you to learn more about you.

(4) Being a trend follower

Promoting other people’s ideas as your own almost always ends up backfiring. There will always be a space for brave thought leaders. Find an original identity that fits you and work on transmitting it as your own identity and brand. Old ideas are always likely to be found out.

(5) Making everything about “I” and “me”

Being too “me” or “I” oriented will almost always be interpreted as being too self-aggrandizing. Always present yourself as part of a team. However, this does not mean that you act too humble. Be willing to take the credit you deserve when you achieve something.

(6) Making it seem like it’s all about the money

Most leaders feel like there is a higher purpose for what they do and that it’s not always about grabbing the next dollar. A corporate boss appreciates an employee who puts the company first and not him or herself. Such an employee is more likely to handle frustrations and put the interests of the company first and his or hers second.

(7) Seeing the smaller picture and not the bigger picture

Even if you care a lot about your image, don’t let it show. The best thing is to appear at your best without looking like you are trying too hard. This does not mean being disinterested in your brand. Whatever you do, strive to put the interests of the organization before yours.

Bottom line

An authentic reputation is not too difficult to achieve. As long as you take the necessary steps, slowly but surely, you will always be on your way to achieving your best personal brand. Click here to know more about 10 strategies (in no particular order) that we have utilized to help our clients remove negative, false, and defamatory information from the Internet.



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