Discuss 6 Advantages of Daily Writing Practice

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To be a better writer you don’t need to write an entire book. You just need to write a few pages every day. There are a lot of advantages of having a daily writing practice. Below are some of the most popular advantages of a daily writing practice.

1. Become a better writer

A regular and daily writing practice has been proven to improve the writing skills of the practitioner. Ask any great writer what is the secret to his success and he or she will tell you the same thing. A regular and deliberate practice. If you force yourself to write everyday then it is just a matter of time till your writing skills are so good that even you won’t believe it.

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2. Become a better communicator

According to this assignment writing site, writing can improve your communication skills and no one knows this better than a person who writes every day. If you are have not already started with daily writing practice then I highly recommend you start as soon as possible. This will enhance your communication skills which in turn will open many other opportunities in your life.

3. Get lot of content out there

Regular writing practice means you produce something every day. Most content you produce will probably be bad. Some of that content will be good enough while an extremely small portion of your content will turn out to be exceptional. You cannot predict when you will produce exceptional content so it is better to be regular and put out the content every day.

4. Improve your memory

Multiple studies have shown that a daily writing practice can significantly improve your memory power. In order to find new content to write you must really explore your memory and this gives it a good exercise and helps strengthen its functions. This is another reason why you should have a daily writing practice routine.

5. Improve psychological health

Writing daily has also a lot of psychological benefits. Several studies show that people who maintain a journal or write down their thoughts on a regular basis experience significantly lower levels of stress. It also helps you reduce anxiety and build confidence in yourself.

6. Enhance your idea muscles

Finally, writing daily requires you to think of ideas and thinking of ideas daily improves your general ability to generate ideas. This concept of idea muscle comes from James Altucher who recommends writing down at least ten ideas every day to build your idea muscle. This skill is highly useful in the 21st century and therefore there is a great payoff of making daily writing practice a habit in your life.


Final thoughts

These are some of the top reasons why you should make daily writing practice an inseparable part of your life. All of these advantages will be useful in your life in not just one but in multiple ways. If you are not sure, just grab a pen and paper or your computer and keyboard and just start writing whatever you want. Even five minutes of writing daily can change your life.

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