Five things one should consider while renting a car in Penang

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Hiring a car in Penang can be a little confusing. Besides the cost, there are many small details which one needs to look at before finalizing the deal. And hence hiring car, though easy, needs a little bit of research. The following are the things one needs to remember when they decide to hire a car in Penang-

Hiring from diverse locations affects the price             

There are certain car depots where the price of renting a car is high. These depots also tend to have a high car surcharge. Besides these popular car depots also tend to have a higher wait time at the booking desk. The reason for this is many numbers of people come to those depots to avail the rented car.

The best example for this would be the airport. At the airport, due to the convenience it offers, the car rental charges and their respective surcharges are high. If one is not that particular with convenience and want to reduce the price they pay, they can always take a public transport to the alternate location and pick up the car on rent.

Beware of the additional fees

When you rent car penang, you need to keep a keen eye on additional charges, no matter how attractive a deal may seem. For example, if you return a car with a tank level not as much as it was before, it might happen that the company from whom you have rented the car might charge you more than the cost of actually filling up the fuel. You need to stop at a fuel station and fill up the car if you are fine with the inconvenience it causes.

Some companies charge a premium for every additional driver that gets added. You need to get absolute clarity on these hidden charges as they might really swell up the budget.

Make sure that your rented car is insured

Car rental companies will often try to sell you their insurance products which will cover the cost of damage to the car. However, most cars are covered for damage already under their insurance and there is no need as such to purchase any additional insurance. Besides the insurance products sold by the car rental companies don’t cover most of the damages. Hence, one needs to go through the existing policy well, if they decide on buying it.

Double check your hired car for any form of damage

Before you rent a car, identify the damages in the car. If required, click pictures before you take the car on rent, so that disputes can be handled properly. If you don’t, and even if you would have taken a third party insurance, you might still end up paying for the damages, which can later be claimed under insurance.

Read the terms & conditions well before renting

Most of the car rental companies offer unlimited mileage limit. However some companies might put a limit on this and if you exceed that, you might have to pay additional money. Also, the documents required in Penang depending on the country you travel from, need to be carried. If you don’t have them, you might end up paying more than what you would like to pay.

These are the few things you need to keep in mind before you book a car for rent in Penang. So when are you next planning to take a trip to this wonderful city?



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