How Does Granet Useful For the Industries?

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Are you a nature lover? What is your favorite destination beach or mountain?  My answer will be a beach without a second thought. Recently, I visited Tamil Nadu and the beaches in Tamil Nadu are must visit place.

Have you seen the Red colour sand? Garnet sand is red colour sand which is abundantly found on the beach sands of Tamil Nadu and other parts of South India.

Garnet sand is particularly, found in mineral-rich sand on the surface of the beaches along the coastlines of many countries such as Australia, Sri Lanka and India. This is the best thing about nature as it gives colourful vibes to you.

Garnets as GemStones

Since ages, Garnet has popularly known as a gemstone. Mostly, people are not aware that garnet available in a variety of colours.  Therefore, think of a red gemstone when they hear the name “garnet.”  However, let us aware you about the gem-quality garnets that it occurs in every colour, though red being the most common and blue colour garnets are especially rare.

This beautiful gem is durable and usually sold without any kind of treatment. The best part is that it can be used in jewellery at a relatively low amount.

Garnet as an Industrial Mineral

Garnet is not only a gemstone but also used in industrial applications as well. For example, high-pressure water jet cutting, sandblasting, making of sandpaper and a number of other uses. Garnets are originally found in form of tiny particles, over time with they develop to be larger with the process of metamorphism, and are used as gemstones which are mentioned above.

In India, Garnet mining can be easily found in Tamil Nadu and Kerala along the southern coast. Geographically, The Gulf of Mannar has a lot of mineral rich sand deposits which are mined and greatly contributed to the state economy.

Garnets are used in industries at a larger scale. Therefore, it is very important that the quality of minerals should be superior. As it plays a great role in the development of the economy. The best part is that India is having larger producers and suppliers of minerals. A brand like Balaji minerals is one of the manufacturer and supplier of minerals who knows in the world for its quality and transparency.

You must be curious to know that how it is useful in the industries. Let me explain you a little bit about it. The Garnets is mainly used in water jet cutting of materials like steel, non-ferrous metals, marble and granite, even glass and rubber. Fine garnet dust plays a great role in the polishing and finishing of an optical lens, plate glass, and semiconductor materials.  Sometimes it is also used as a filtering medium for wastewater treatment plants and water purification systems.


Garnets are a very precious gift of nature. This is the reason I have shared about this gemstone with you guys. Would you like to know more about it? If you want to know more about it then contact us.



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