Interesting facts about fidget spinners

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So what is the latest thing that has made everybody indulgent and crazy about it? Well, it is not any new concert updates of your favorite singer not any recent release of your favorite actor – it is the newest cool of fidget spinner. These palm-sized tools have replaced all your books and mobile phones and playing with them has become a normal routine of a number of individuals today. They come in a number of shapes, sizes, kinds and patterns. They have become the latest indulgence of everyone.

Here are a few interesting facts about your favorite fidget spinner that would make you love it even more:

  1. The trend of using the fidget spinners have become a fashion today. However, not a number of people know that the invention of this amazing toy dates back some twenty years ago from today. Yes, the invention of the fidget spinners was made back in the 1990s. The mastermind behind such amazing invention of fidget spinner was Catherine Hettinger.
  2. As already stated, the entire world is talking about this newest cool and these fidget spinners have become more than famous today. All the news channels, celebrities and people are constantly talking about the use of these fidget spinners and as a result this particular thing has today become one of the most popular searches of the recent times. In fact, the popularity of fidget spinners has even surpassed some of the biggest names like Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump in regard of the searches. Thus, it is the most trending topic on Google and other social media platforms these days.
  3. The popularity of fidget spinners seem to be having no end at all. The major aim of this toy was to create the focus of people at one place. However, the same has proven to be the biggest turn off for a number of schools since it has started distracting the people, especially all the school-going students. Thus, as a result, the use of fidget spinners is banned in the countries like Malaysia and Singapore.
  4. If spun right, the fidget spinner can easily spin up to a fine duration of 104 seconds. Yes, the average fidget spinner spins for a minute. However, you must firstly understand the trick of using and spinning it well. This spinning of fidget spinner is such as treat to the eyes. For some it acts as their play toy while for others it is the best stress-buster they have been looking for so long.

Not a number of people know that fidget spinners have caused a number of injuries to all its users. During the use of these spinners, some people have ended up hurting their eyes while some have ended up cutting their fingers bad. Not only this, a fidget spinner has also hurt a little girl on her throat. In fact, YouTube has a number of videos that show how people have hurt themselves while playing with the fidget spinner.



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