How to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy More Effective with these 7 Hacks?

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Someone has aptly remarked that developing a highly effective content marketing strategy is not at all a piece of cake. It requires having a proper understanding of the audience. It is essential to create high-quality content in a consistent manner so that you may fetch a number of visitors.

7 Hacks to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Highly Effective

In order to make marketing presentation a grand success, along with devoting the time you need to follow these effective hacks for igniting the traffic of your website:

  1. Discovering contents to fetch inbound links

You need to be a genuine holder of amazing quality content to fetch higher rank in Google search results. In case of any link, quality matters rather the volume.

In order to fetch the higher number of inbound links, you need to quash content comprising of a lot of links followed by another better piece and promoting it.

  1. Fetching better contents for readers 

In order to fetch quality content for your valuable readers, you may take help of a competitive intelligence tool like Buzzsumo to uncover patterns to provide some insight to what people prefer in terms of sharing. You may create a new piece of content for promoting your site.

  1. Making e-mail signups a No-Brainer

It has aptly been remarked that against dollars spent on email marketing, we fetch back an average amount. To convince the audience to subscribe to your list, it is essential to provide enough value.

It is possible by offering eBooks and free email courses that will teach something useful.

  1. Creating content that will rank better

In case of content, it is the quality that matters rather than quantity. At the same time word count also plays a vital role! An article that is close to 2500 word mark holds better chances of fetching higher ranks in Google result page.

In other words, longer the content higher is the chance of fetching high ranks. But the matters included into it must be meaningful.

  1. Piggybacking your traffic

Creation of a content hub to fetch enough traffic is really a time-consuming task. In order to accelerate the process, it is preferable to go for guest posting. As a legal tactic, it will fetch a link back towards you.

Better to carry out some research to fetch high-traffic blogs that are duly relevant to your industry.   You may also go for publishing quality content often.

  1. Getting in touch with content placement opportunities

In order to cut-short your search time, you need to take help of Google Display Planner which is used as a tool for keyword research. Its focus is on the display network run by Google.

It may also be used to get in touch with websites related to your niche. You may also get to know the total number of impressions they fetch on a monthly basis.

  1. Publishing more often without creating new matters

Repurposing old and existing contents will provide you with lots of benefits in making your content marketing strategy more effective. You may fetch ideas from your old contents and give rise to new articles, slide decks, infographics and videos under a new format.

These are some effective hacks that will contribute in making your content marketing strategy much effective. Can you come up with any new idea?



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