The maverick entrepreneur named Lamar Hunt Jr.

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Mr. Hunt Jr., the American entrepreneur, businessperson, philanthropist and a big time sports promoter is the owner and the president of Kansas City Mavericks, previously known as Missouri Mavericks which was purchased in the year 2015. Being born in a sports family, it was quite natural that interest in sports came naturally to him. His family operated the Kansas city NFL team and although he was involved in the same, he wanted to start something of his own, which gave way to him purchasing a professional hockey team

Early life of Hunt Jr.

Hunt Jr. from an early age was interested in multiple things. Due to his family’s association with Kansas City Chiefs in the national football league (NFL), he has been playing flute for Kansas City Symphony. Along with his interest in music, he also worked as a professional counselor. Hunt always had a big heart and wanted to give back to the society and hence always was trying to devote resources, energy and time to improve and promote the lives of the less fortunate ones.

Family history of Hunt Jr.

Lamar Hunt the founder and the owner of Kansas City Chiefs, is the father of Lamar Hunt Jr.  His grandfather who went by the name H.L. Hunt was an oil tycoon. Lamar Hunt Sr. was the one who was responsible for coining the term Super bowl. He was one of the key persons when it came to starting major soccer leagues in the United States. As a result of the same, he owns a place in the pro football hall of fame and national soccer hall of fame. The oldest soccer tournament played in the united states- Lamar Hunt U.S. Open cup is also named in honour of Lamar Hunt Sr.

Foundation of Loretto Companies

Loreto companies were created by Lamar Hunt Jr. to build on the idea utilizing the resources to build communities. This purpose of philanthropy was achieved through three parent companies, Loretto Commercial, Loretto Foundation & Loretto Properties. And while these three companies served and strengthened the Kansas City Community, Hunt Jr. Started one more company which went by the name – Loretto sports ventures. This company was designed to ensure and oversee the growth of several sports teams, or things concerned with sports in and around the Kansas city area.

The start of Kansas City Mavericks

As a founder of Loretto ventures which looked after the growth of sports in Kansas, Hunt Jr. came across the Missouri Mavericks which was purchased in January 2015 and was renamed to Kansas city mavericks. After the purchase, Hunt Jr. focused his time on promoting ice hockey in Kansas city. He added a few rinks and brought about a few other related opportunities like bringing together a few additional figure skating events at the local arena level.

These promotions paid off and Hunt Jr. with effective leadership skills made the Mavericks grow from the central league to ECHL (AA-rated). Hunt Jr. further intends to promote the team and make it grow while seeking to improve the profile of ice hockey in general and mavericks in particular. He wants his team to be affiliated to the National Hockey League (NHL) while he continues on expanding the youth hockey programs. What do you think; will Lamar Jr. be able to do to ice hockey, what his father did to soccer?



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