Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants – The Pros and Cons of this Treatment Process

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One of the problems that many old as well as some young people face in their lives is the problem of aching joints or stiff bones. These problems were mostly caused by arthritis and till 21st century there was little a person could do to avoid these problems. The latest medical technology gives us some hope though. Hip implants or hip replacement surgery provides a promising way to deal with these problems.

Metal-on-Metal hip implants are one of the most popular type of implants that are used for solving the dysfunctions related to hip. But many people fear weather or not the process is safe or if there are some unknown risks of Metal-on-Metal hip implants that they don’t know about. This article talks about this in detail and tells you about various pros and cons of going through this treatment process.

What is Metal-on-Metal hip implant?

There are different types of hip implants. Total hip implants replace all the components of the hip joints that is the ball and the socket whereas partial hip implants only replaces one of these components of the hip joints. The two components of the hip joints should be able to glide together in a smooth way so that the movement becomes easy. Metal-on-Metal hip implant is a type of hip implant in which both ball and the socket are made of a metal and replaced into the body. This can be used for both total as well as partial hip implants.

One of the advantages of Metal-on-Metal hip implants is that the metals are generally more durable and therefore the patients don’t have to undergo revisions as often as they would have to if they had used less durable material such as plastic hip implants. Metal components are also little bit larger and stronger which makes them less susceptible to dislocation. Overall, this type of implant is recommended for young individuals who want to deal with hip joints related problems and who don’t want to undergo revisions for a long time. The website depuy hip recall will help you find out more about this.

There are also some risks and potential disadvantages of this procedure. For example, if you replace both components of your hip joints with metal components. The constant rubbing of these components may produce some debris in the form of tiny metal particles. These metal particles may build up over time and enter blood stream or tissues. A small percentage of patient’s report swelling or other problems related to this because of that.

Finally, while Metal-on-Metal hip implants are promising technology, you should remember that it is a high-risk procedure and may have some undesirable consequences. Whether you should go through it depends upon your unique situation. When deciding, you should consider all the pros and cons of metal hip implants as well as all the relevant factors such as your age, lifestyle, fitness, gender and body size.

Metal-on-Metal hip implants should be avoided in high risk patients such as people who are allergic to the metals or females who have small bones or those who are of childbearing age. If you decide to get Metal-on-Metal implants, make sure it is performed by a highly experienced surgeon.

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