How to Rap Fast: The Ultimate Guide

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Every new rapper dreams of getting a command on his words and throw them out at the highest pace. For them rapping fast is what rapping is all about. But, quite contrary to this, rapping is not just about saying words at the pace of the bullet train. There are many technicalities like rap beats, bars, etc and many other things to keep in mind. Once, you have mastered them all, you can think about your pace.

If you attained thorough knowledge about the minor things related to rapping, you can see yourself ready to leap to the next level and the next level is increasing your rapping speed.

There are many easy ways with which you can increase the speed of your rap. Take a look:

  • Master pronunciation

If you can pronounce each word clearly, you can rap fast; this is the rule of thumb. When each word coming out of your mouth is clear, you will get a good command on the speed. Gradually, you will see yourself rapping like the celebrity rappers.

So, the first thing that you should worry about is your pronunciation. Begin with listening to a mid- tempo rap and then increase the tempo. Pay attention to every word in high tempo. This will help you to understand how the rappers say every single word clearly. Once you are clear with it, you can start rapping.

  • Count Bars

This technicality is sure to take you to a great height. Slow songs happen on 1 and 3 bars. When you rap fast, you need to extend every word in the bar. This gives an impression that you have rapped more words in the single bar.

Counting bars of rap beats help a lot in speeding up the rap.

  • Breathing techniques

When we hear a rap we always wonder how the rapper keeps saying word after word without any pause. The credit of this goes to certain breathing techniques that the rappers practice.

Just control your breath. You can try some breathing exercises to get a control over your breath. Rap while you jog or while you work out. This will help you to develop a control on your breath while rapping.

While rapping life, try to control your breath. Do not worry, you will get little pockets wherein you can inhale and exhale.

  • Vocal and tongue exercise

You need not hit the gym; there are some really very easy exercises that will give you a great command on the vocals. These exercises are fun too.

Start with tongue twisters. Begin with three to four tongue twisters and practice them for about 15 to 20 minutes daily.

  • No Stopping

Even when you are on the stage in the middle of a live performance and you goof up, never stop. Keep going on the rap beats. Continue the freestyle rapping without paying much heed to the rhythm. Stay cool and gradually you will attain desired height.

With these simple tricks, you are sure to get the command on your words and attain a high rapping pace.



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