Roller banner design – attracts the maximum crowd

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Promotions or marketing via banners is an age old marketing technique that never fails to create an impact. Since ages people have been using this promotion technique and have always garnered positive results.

Until today, this promotion strategy is going strong what has changed is the kind of banners used. Large fabrics attached to metal frames and placed on the roadside or hanged in walls are passé. The latest trend is roller banner.

Roller banners are the best kind of banners that offer a multitude of benefits to the user other than just advertisement.

Roller Banners: What are they?

Roller banners are banners that feature a base. The banner can be rolled inside the base. These kinds of banners come with a printed graphic panel. The information or advertisement is printed on the panel attached to the base.

When needed, the fabric can be rolled out of the base.

Roller banners can be made in different sizes. You can get them in full size to keep them on the floor or small size roller banners to keep on tables.

Where are these banners used?

These banners serve the purpose of spreading information and so these banners are used in events, product launches, shopping centers, conferences, et al. They can be used almost everywhere.

Roller Banner Designs

Roller banners have to be visually attractive as well as informative to gain the maximum amount of attention and so, it is very important to pay attention to the roller banner design.

A roller banner is like the face of your work and so to increase the face value, you must have the best design for your roller banner.

There are many amazing banners printers that always have some innovative ideas for their clients. Rope in the best printers for roller banners UK.

Design Tips for Roller Banners

Here are some useful design tips for roller banners that ensure that your roller banner attracts the maximum crowd.

  • The first thing that you should keep in mind is to place the logo on the top. It is important to place the logo at the eye level so that every passer- by get to see the logo.
  • If you plan to incorporate the images like product images, make sure you go with the highest quality image. Select least 300 dpi not less than this. Pick relevant images so that the viewers get the complete idea about the banner or your work with a single image. Pay the maximum attention to the quality of the image.
  • Top to bottom left to right; this is how everyone is going to view the banner. So, the placement of content has to be done accordingly. Place relevant information on the top.
  • Do not fill the banner with information. Try to deliver the message with least number of words at the same effectively convey the message.
  • Use colors that stand out and grab attention but, at the same avoid going overboard with colors. You can use red or orange but, do not use light colors like yellow and white together.
  • Place contact details at the bottom. The text must be very clear and readable.


Roller banners are the easiest ways to spread your message. Make sure you do it effectively.



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