Side Effects of Health Supplements – A Complete Guide

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Taking dietary supplements helps the body in many ways but, there is another side of the picture too. The health supplements also come with several side- effects. Almost all the supplements have one or the other side- effect.

All the health supplements sure do some good to the body but, we cannot ignore the fact that these supplements also have some side- effects.

Here we have listed some of the side- effects caused by the dietary supplements that you might be taking. Take a look at the harmful effects of the weight loss supplements:

Protein Supplements

Gym goers take protein supplements to build their muscle mass. Whey protein can be tagged as a favorite in this category. Taking protein really shows but, of course, there are some side effects of taking protein supplements.

The worst thing that can happen with the use of protein supplements is gaining extra kilograms. Yes, this can happen. If you are taking protein in the amount that surpasses the need of your body, the extra protein will show up as extra weight by adding extra calories. It harms the good health.

One more thing to note about the protein supplements is that they are a little expensive. Why invest a fat amount in buying protein supplements when you can obtain the needed amount of protein from natural means.

  • Calorie Supplements

You need to be very cautious while taking calorie supplements. High- calorie supplements are only beneficial when you are recovering from any health condition. It is also beneficial for extreme athletes, children in their growing age, as well as picky eaters but, for others, calorie supplements, are not as beneficial.

If you are not dealing with any of the above-mentioned conditions and taking high- calorie supplements, you might end up with extra weight. These supplements add extra- calories to the diet and hence, extra fat.

  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Vitamins and minerals are boon for the body but, the extra amount of vitamins and minerals do worse than doing any good to the health.

Taking too much of fat- soluble vitamins can cause accumulation of them in the fat tissues. The extra amount of vitamin A can lead to birth defects as well as liver abnormalities. Taking vitamin B- 6 in extra amount can lead to nerve damage whereas extra vitamin C might lead to diarrhea.

Taking mineral supplements in excess can lead to mineral toxicity. Extra calcium can lead to kidney stones. Taking the high amount of manganese can cause neurotoxicity. Taking excessive iron, selenium, magnesium and zinc supplements can lead to digestive issues.

  • Weight Loss Supplements

The trend of taking weight loss supplements is on rising. But, they can prove to be very harmful to the health. FDA has banned many ingredients that are actively being used in weight loss supplements.

They can cause adverse effects like diarrhea, agitation, hypertension, increased heart rate, kidney issues, sleeplessness, rectal bleeding, liver damage, et al.


Health supplements are great but, if taken in curated doses. Before you take health supplements you must know if your body needs it. Taking them blindly can lead to harmful effects.

Have you checked the supplement you need? Buy them from muscles zone but, not before assessing your body need.



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