Things to know when reserving a limo

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Are you planning to arrive with your friends or family at a special event in style with a chauffeur on the drive? Renting a limo is probably the best decision. There isn’t more lavish and grand than being on a luxurious limousine. Here are the things you should know on how to successfully reserve your dream limo.

The type of event

When reserving a limousine service, the type of occasion should be determined. This information helps the limo company to plan your trip.  The occasion could be a bachelor party, wedding, birthday party, night out, concert, prom, special event, meeting or even a tour. Knowing the type of occasion is important, as some rental companies have minimum hour requirements depending on the event type. For instance, a wedding could take 8 hours, a night out may take the whole night, airport transfers can take just a few hours. The type of vehicle to be rent also depends on the occasion.

The date to save

The limo service will need to know the date of your event and the length of time that you’ll need the rental. This is part of the reservation details. The purpose of this is to avoid any reservation conflicts and to know whether the limo is available on that day. You’re getting the vehicle with some good rates and it depends on its availability. It is good to let the limousine company know the date of your event so they can schedule to reserve your car in advance. With your dream limousine in mind, don’t forget that the earlier you act the better the chances are that you’ll be happy.

The number of passengers

Determine how many people you will be traveling with prior to calling the limousine company and having your reservation. The number of people will also determine the type of vehicle to be used. You have to consider the comfort of your guests, how many people can fit in the limo and that they won’t feel stacked inside the luxurious car. If you think you have a large of number guests, might as well consider renting a party bus instead. You may want to ask the limo company about the suggested passenger count. Also, depending on the number of passengers, additional vehicles may be required.

The budget is important

Limousines aren’t cheap. Depending on the type of limos and passenger count, you can figure out your vehicle options and approximate your costs ahead of time. Make sure that you begin saving early for your limo budget. This will help avoid complications in reserving and paying for your limo service. There are limo services that offer package deals. These package deals are based on the event type. Find out what is included and what is not. There could be amenities like food and drinks. You don’t want to end up with a bill that’s far higher than you expected. So gather details ahead of time. Renting a limo is very luxurious and you’re gonna need a colossal amount of money to take one.

The Limo company background

It is important that you should find out the company’s credentials. Ensure the company has valid certification. Ask if they have liability insurance and professionally trained drivers. Find out how long the company’s been in business. You can also check their reviews online. With all the new websites offering customer ratings and feedback such as Facebook and Twitter, you have a lot of options available to research what other people are saying about your prospective limousine company. Find a limo service that has a good record of customer satisfaction. Limo rentals can also be risky. The choice of the company might be the reason for any unexpected incidents. You have to rent from the best among the best.

That’s should be it. This kind of dream is very sumptuous. Be prepared to pay if you want limo advisor. Also, don’t forget to tip the chauffeur. It’s the least that you can do. Focus on the value, pick the company offering the best service at the best price.



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