Tips and Tricks involved in banner ads

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When one decides to design or print a banner ad, a lot of things are required to be considered. Unlike other printed materials which are used for marketing, banners need to contain letters, which are not only legit & fancy, but they are also readable and viewable from a far off distance.

The following are the tricks one needs to use while designing the banners:

1) Banner Placement:

When one decides the design for a banner, he or she needs to consider the placement of the banner. Based on where the banner would be placed, the colours and the texture of the banner would be decided.

2) Usage of Large Text:

Banners are the ones which are designed to draw the attention from far off places. Hence when banners are designed, the size of text matters a lot. If the size of the text is small, it won’t be readable from distance, taking away the purpose it is designed for.

3) Usage of Bold & Readable Font:

When one designs the banners, the use of characters and fonts play a crucial role. Obviously, the jazzy fonts look good. But again, would the jazzy fonts be easily readable? Would the fonts help one understand the brand and would it deliver the right message? Banners need to have simple and less jazzy fonts because they are intended to deliver a brand or a message.

4) Delivering A Simple Message:

Just like the font, even the content of the message should be simple. And the reason why the content should be simple is, the banner should deliver the message to the target audience in as few words and as less a time as possible.

5) Include all the Necessary Information:

While unnecessary clutter needs to be removed, it also needs to be kept in mind that the important information is always put up in the pull up banner design. And this information can be anything which makes the brand stand out helping it deliver the right message.

6) Using High-Quality Photos and Graphics:

Nothing grabs attention quicker than a good graphic image. Images often act as focus points in the banner which entice the passersby to take a look at it. Better the quality of the image, the higher the eyeballs it would attract. In fact, better images with less text is the ideal form for a banner

7) Keeping the brand In mind:

There are certain colours or designs which surely help the banner stand out amongst the rest. However, those colours and designs may not go well with the brand. One needs to design the banners keeping the brand in mind. The purpose of the banners is to create or reinforce the image of the brand. Any effort in the wrong direction might dilute the brand

8) Choosing appropriate colors:

Colours are extremely important while designing the banners and each colour gives a different association. When designing a banner, it is important to keep the colour scheme in mind

These are the few tricks which one can use, while designing the banners. Can we expect you to excel in the banner designing skills, the next time you design one?



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