How to treat a common cold at home?

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Common cold, as the name suggests is one of the most common health problems ever. The nasty cold attacks your nose and throat for bad, thereby making you sick, feverish and very irritable. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need a long prescription in order to treat common cold, cough and stuffy nose for this could easily be done using a number of DIY treatments.

Here are a few home remedies using which you can easily get rid of common cold.

  • Hot Ginger Tea:

This remedy comes straight from the mouth of your grandmothers who usually consider this treatment as the ‘savior’ for you. Thus, all you need to get the laziness and cold is to sip a mug full of hot ginger tea. Ginger comprises of a number of healing properties and it sure treats your common cold at the earliest.

  • Honey:

This sweet nectar comprises of a number of antimicrobial as well as antibacterial properties which make sure that you remain in the pink of your health. Honey could easily be used by you for the treatment of common cold. You can consume raw honey or can also mix it with ginger juice to get rid of all kinds of cold and its symptoms. Honey also boosts your immune system.

  • Hot lime water:

A hot lime water is considered to be one of the most effective remedies for the treatment of common cold at home. Make a hot lime water by squeezing a full lemon into boiling water and let yourself pamper with the hot lime water. You can also add a teaspoon of honey to enhance the taste, and of course your immunity.

  • Steam:

Time and again, steam has been used as one of the most effective ways to treat all kinds of cold at the earliest. Not only does steam treat your common cold, but the same keeps stuffy nose at bay. Thus, you can get rid of both common cold and stuffy nose by taking regular steam. You can do it in a number of ways. You can either take steam using plain water or can also add the essential oils such as eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil to treat your nose. Do not forget to cover yourself using a thick cloth. Repeat twice or thrice daily.

  • Probiotics:

Consuming probiotics in common colds, such as yogurt is an effective treatment for a cold. The probiotics are nothing but the friendly bacteria and yeast which help to keep your immune system and gut healthy as well as happy. These probiotics also lessen your chances of getting sick frequently. Thus, take a bowl of yogurt minus sugar and consume it till your heart’s content. You can also make a drink by adding a little water and spices to the same.

All these home remedies are purely organic and effective in nature. So, in the next time if you suffer from common cold or similar cold problems, don’t forget to try any of these treatments. Explore more such home remedies at 99 Remedies and visit their website to keep yourself healthy and happy forever.



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