Ways to Protect Your New Phone from Damage

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Nothing hurts more than seeing your new phone splattered all over the floor after an accidental drop.How about you do some measures first on protecting your high-end phone? Here are the things you need to do.

Use a protective screen and phone case

The simplest way to protect your new phone from damages is to use a screen protector. You can never deny that most cellphone users today use a touch screen phone. It is best to use a screen protector to prevent your phone from getting scratches and dents. Also, don’t forget to use a protective case. This helps to keep the phone’s appearance longer and may also protect it from some internal damage when you accidentally knock or drop it.

Maintain your battery

It is important to always keep your mobile phone charged up. Never drain your battery to zero because it reduces the battery life. If you spend too much time talking on your phone, watching movies, playing mobile game applications and play endless music, surely you can quickly use up your battery’s charge and drain your battery. Keep your battery percentage between 40%-80% for longer battery life.

Don’t back-pocket it

A phone or iPod can fit in almost any pocket but putting your phone in your back pocket makes it an easier place to get nicked from, not to mention increasing the possibility of falling it. Also, don’t put keys and coins in the same pocket together with your phone or you’ll end up with a scratched screen. If your phone is in your back pocket, be careful not to sit on it. Check your pockets before you do laundry to avoid washing your phone.

Hold your phone properly

Mobile phones are made of fragile components that can malfunction or break when not treated right. To avoid from dropping it, sitting on it or accidentally throwing it, make sure to keep your phone safe at all times and hold it properly. You should put it somewhere that is out of the way where the phone is not likely to be knocked onto the floor or banged too much. It is also a good idea to choose one place where you’ll keep it so you can easily find it and locate it.

Clean your phone regularly

Having a phone that is clean makes it more preferable to use. Cleaning your mobile phone regularly prevents dust from accumulating and damaging the moving parts.You have to clean your mobile phone on a regular basis. You can wipe the screen with an alcohol using a soft cloth to prevent leaving marks on the screen. Don’t forget to wipe it with a dry tissue after. If you don’t know how to clean the inside of your phone, don’t dare to avoid damages.

Stay away from wet places

You have to ensure that you always keep your phone dry. It may impair some parts of your phone and may also cause the circuitry to short out. Be careful not to drop your phone into a liquid and should not set it on moisture surfaces. Do not take your phone out when it is raining, do not eat or drink near to your phone, do not touch it with wet hands and avoid carrying it in an open water area such as the beach. Remember, temperature always matter.

Despite the idea that phones are highly vulnerable to damage, you can still protect and care for your device. You have invested a lot of money just to buy your ever dreamed phone with high-quality features. So learn to value them. Take good care of them.



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